[Article] The bleeding Pen cries to Step-Mothers (Author) COMR. ASHUKU D DAVIDSON, a.k.a RAZOR

[Article] The bleeding Pen cries to Step-Mothers  (Author) COMR. ASHUKU D DAVIDSON, a.k.a RAZOR 1

The bleeding Pen cries to Step-Mother


Are you a step mother, have you heared about LOVE, have you ever thought of having a child to be raised by some one after your death, or when incapacitated, Have you thought about the right of a child and placed yourself in such position of the child if maltreated, how about being staved and forced to do those hard labors, in case you wanna stop being evil henceforth, read this!

A mother is suppose to be a caring loving woman who puts her child’s needs first, giving them the best of everything no matter the cost or pain, why then will you as a step mother be evil to a child that would have equally been yours,

why then are you as a step mother being evil to a child you can proudly train to secure your future tomorrow, why then are you so evil to a child that can equally put food on your table tomorrow, don’t you think being evil is equivalent to being a devil,

why most you put another woman’s child on the street to hawk pure water, oranges, garri and leave your own children at home being cared for at a luxury measure,

why will you put your child asleep and keep another woman’s child awake at the middle of the night working tirelessly like a robot,

why will you give your children better food to eat with better clothing and give another woman’s child the crumps that falls under your table with rags as clothing are you not very demonically evil, will you want your children to be treated the same way you treat other woman’s children,

are you not ashamed, take my advice today, do to others what you feel should be done to you, some of those children you maltreat have better future than your own biological children that’s if you have one, these children may turn out to be your savior

why can’t you just be nice to them at least for them being humans, you are inhuman anyways but try, it doesn’t cost any pain to do good,

in my primary school way back 1998 we do sing a song, “if you do good, kingdom ohoho kingdom, ohohoh kingdom waiting for you, it’s very true that if you do good it will surely follow you or your children

You may be angry that you don’t have your own children, well you are evil if you think so because God is always good and accurate, but a single good deed to a step child under your care can cause God to open your womb and bless you with children, God fights for the orphans himself, except if you wanna fight the Lord but put your evil deeds away and be good, God is watching

Listen to the voice of a woman in labor,can you feel the pain? How about a woman who went under CS to give birth to a child amidst life and death, how about the pain of going through breast feeding and the mother passed on and the child falls under your mercy,

don’t you think you should be merciful, don’t you think you can act as a mother and give the child a better life,

a better education, a better family and a better gift to the society,

if you are a step mother reading this, I want you to see this as a voice of a humanitarian bleeding pen calling you back to your senses via writing before it becomes too late, cheers.


[Article] The bleeding Pen cries to Step-Mothers  (Author) COMR. ASHUKU D DAVIDSON, a.k.a RAZOR 2


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[Article] The bleeding Pen cries to Step-Mothers  (Author) COMR. ASHUKU D DAVIDSON, a.k.a RAZOR 3 0

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